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    Welcome to Toe the line

    What is Toe The Line? It is a call to always do your best. I had a track coach in college that used to say to his athletes; "Toe the line!" What he meant was when you place your foot on that starting line you make a commitment, first to yourself, then to your coaches, parents and teammates that you commit to do your best, that if you should falter, fall or fail in any way that you will stand and finish what you started.


    A true life lesson taught through track and field. Thanks coach Rick Neil!


    Beyond the deep meaning pertaining to the name of the site, this is also a place for me to remember what I enjoy in life. A place to record my ramblings, my experiences and showcase my work and the joyous moments in my life. I am a family man that enjoys the outdoors in all it's wondrous variety. If I am not painting, designing or doodling I am usually in the mountains, hiking, climbing, mt. biking or simply purposefully getting lost :)